Information on the web is expansive, there is a lot of information out there but knowing where it is coming from is very difficult. Not only with online sources will you have a hard time following the train to the ultimate source of the information, but even if you do, how do you know that that information is true. Let me put it another way, companies and sites may be good at reviewing products, but who are they reviewing these products for?

I am not sure about other sites, but I know on this site that the product reviews are written for the customer and the customer alone. The only thing that matters to us is our readers and whether or not they have the information they need to make quality educated purchases. Purchases that they will enjoy to create a home where they are not looking around and asking where they got all of this crap.

In the new age

We must think different, which is why we decided to make this a free site. A site that is not paid for by anyone and has no advertising. This is the only way that we can remain impartial about all of the products that we review and that we can be sure that the only thing that matters to us is informing our readers. Say you like shoes, we will combine all of the best shoes and give you the results so that you are not sifting though every shoe review we have ever written.

It is a tough job but someone has to be the voice of reason in today’s review world, one that is corrupt and there are only a few good men left out there. We are here for you to make educated purchases.